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Mr. Anastasios Chilios talks to us about the course of his companies in the field of sandblasting, water blasting, painting and ship cleaning, always having as a guide the respect for the environment.
In particular, he tells us about the creation of the company ” HILIOS PROTECTION STRUCTURE ” which is active in the Greek and International space as well as the existing problems not only in the Shipbuilding and Repair Zone of Perama but also in the wider area of ​​Shipbuilding and Repair.

Mr. Millennium, can you describe to us the course of your company since its founding in 1988 until today?

My business started in 1988 in Perama as a co-owner of a company with the subject of water intakes, sandblasting, painting, ship cleaning and then as the owner of a sole proprietorship of the same object under the name HILIOS HELLAS. In the following years, the understanding of the requirements of the market led me to the establishment of “CHILIOS ANASTASIOS MONOPROSOPI LTD.” expanding the scope of services offered. The company “HPS – HILIOS PROTECTION STRUCTURE” was founded in February 2007 and deals with the execution of water blasting, sandblasting, painting, ship and building cleaning. Its services are provided in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 & 14001: 2004 quality assurance standards. The state-of-the-art mechanical equipment we have is purchased from EU countries. and the methods used are environmentally friendly. HPS is constantly updating its equipment with robot water cannons (500-3500) bar, clark, cherry pickers, trucks, etc. It participates in big competitions and is evaluated with excellent for its services.

What are your company’s activities?

Our company with many years of experience in its field offers ship cleaning services and industrial parts, water treatment according to international standards (Norma 2222), sandblasting according to the international standard 055900-1967 (protection of housing / tank, etc.), surface preparation for the application of protection and shielding, painting of ships and land installations, specialized painting, cleaning and protection of pipes, protection against corrosion.
From 1988 until today, the company has added new services for sponging and water blasting, such as water cutting, ice cream and robotic means. With our new technology machines, the quality of work is improved, saving time and costs for our customers.

Are you active only in Greece or in other countries abroad?

Our company employs a large number of scientific and technical staff with more than 20 years of experience. For this reason, we have the ability to undertake ship and ground operations anywhere in the world requested by our customers by providing 24-hour service.

Can you tell us about some of the most important projects your company has implemented?

Indicatively, the main projects that have been assigned to us are:
The entire maintenance of “ENERGEAN FORCE”. The assignment of a project for the cleaning and painting of the floating tanks of Perama. Cleaning and cutting of burnt works as well as waste cleaning on the ship “HIGH SPEED 5”. Tanking, water blasting and painting works of the ships “ANDREAS KALVOS”, “DIONYSIOS SOLOMOS” and “ADAMANTIOS KORAIS”, “EVOLUTION”, cleaning works in “PARNLASKOS stoicismos” LAMISMOS “II” B ”,“ LEFKA ORI ”,“ VALLIANT ENERGY ”, collaboration with the Navy, the Coast Guard and others.

Do you think that the existing problems in the Perama area act as a deterrent, with the consequence that the shipowners do not bring their ships for repair?

In the vortex of the global economic crisis, where the shipping industry continues to be hit, the situation is now quite difficult and the competition is becoming more and more intense. The increase in costs in some jobs that are competitive with neighboring countries, in addition to water pumping, sandblasting, cleaning and painting, has attracted the interest of shipowners for repairs in neighboring countries. However, the level of experience and know-how of Greek shipbuilding and repair companies is much higher than that of neighboring countries, as Greece has traditionally been a shipping country.

The two large shipyards Scaramanga and Elefsina are underperforming. Does this also affect the work in the Perama area?

In the face of the crisis we are experiencing, with the Skaramaga, Elefsina, Syros and Chalkida Shipyards being under-operated, the work in the Perama area has clearly been affected. The ships for repair are less for this reason the demand is generally affected, as well as in services similar to HILIOS ANASTASIOS MONOPROSOPI LTD. This is a chain reaction that is sounding the alarm against government officials, so that we do not experience the worst.

Your company offers services in addition to shipping in the industry. Do you want to tell us which companies in the industry you have worked with?

The long experience combined with the professionalism that governs HILIOS ANASTASIOS MONOPROSOPI LTD, has given us the lead to be trusted by big names of companies in the industry but also in other areas. Indicatively I can mention some companies such as: Schlumberger, Shell Hellas, Motor Oil Hellas, Unilever Hellas, Olympic Brewery, Terna SA, Coca Cola Three Epsilon etc.

Poseidonia is considered by many to be the largest maritime exhibition in the world. Do you think that your presence in “POSEIDONIA 2016” will help you to expand your business horizon?

Poseidonia is one of the most important international maritime exhibitions with a long tradition of creating new business opportunities in difficult markets. In spite of the times, due to the negative prospects in the field of global shipping for the year we are going through, participation is considered necessary. Following its development policy, HILIOS ANASTASIOS MONOPROSOPI LTD is pleased to announce this year its participation and sponsorship in the International Exhibition Poseidonia 2016.
Our company with many years of experience in the field of shipping, offering its services, will take care with its presence to highlight its important advantages such as deep know-how, specialized equipment, highly trained staff and professionalism. We will be happy to see you at our booth with number 2.123 in Hall 2 of the exhibition center Metropolitan Expo, from 6 to 10 June 2016.
At this point I would like to warmly thank the companies PRIME MARINE MANAGEMENT and ENERGEAN OIL & GAS who trusted CHILIOS ANASTASIOS SOLE SHAREHOLDER LTD with the assignment of their projects.
In addition, I would like to emphasize that these projects have given breath to the Shipbuilding and Repair Zone of Perama for the difficult times we are going through due to the economic crisis.

Interview with Giannis Megariotis