The company uses latest technology hydroblasting machinery of the best factories, with water blasters in a range between 100 – 3500bar, meeting all standards of the international organizations. With the method of Hydroblasting, we remove all iodates, (well) attached rust and the micro-organizations, found on the surfaces of the ship’s belly.

Hydroblasting is a cleaning method with many advantages. Its best advantage is the reduction of iodates to levels below 30mg/m2, whilst it is worldwide known as a cleaning method friendly towards the environment. All hydroblasting projects of A. Hilios are carried out according to German Standards STG NORMA 2222.

Hydroblasting can be carried out with the following methods:
• Low pressure Water Washing 0-68bar
• High Pressure Water Washing: 68-680bar
• Low pressure operates pressure less than 680 bar -1000 bar
• High pressure operating at pressures between 680 bar and 1,700 bar
• Ultra high pressure, operating at pressures above 1700 bar- 2000-2500 bar

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